7P erzielt 2023 positives Ergebnis bei gesunkenen Umsätzen

30. April 2024

7P closes 2023 financial year profitably

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SEVEN PRINCIPLES AG (7P) a German IT consulting and services company specialising in the digitalisation of business processes, closes the 2023 financial year profitably, exceeding its revised forecast for the year.

With consolidated sales of around EUR 71.0 million (2022: EUR 80.9 million), the company generated EBITDA of approx. EUR 1.8 million (2022: EUR 4.5 million), EBIT of around EUR 1.0 million (2022: around EUR 3.7 million) and consolidated net income of around EUR 1.2 million (2022: around EUR 2.4 million). The annual forecast published in September 2023 was thus exceeded due to a pleasing business performance in the final fourth quarter.

The company came under pressure to transform in the course of the 2023 financial year due to a slump in sales in traditional existing business. This pressure on the traditional existing business is also expected to continue in the 2024 financial year – the Executive Board is forecasting that the necessary transformation of the business portfolio can still be made profitable.

The 2023 annual financial statements are available for download on the 7p-group.com website under Investor Relations in the Financial Reports section.

Enabling Your Digital Business: For SEVEN PRINCIPLES AG, headquartered in Cologne, this means standing by your side and realising your digital business models. Our three subsidiaries, Seven Principles Solutions & Consulting GmbH, Seven Principles Mobility GmbH and intomarkets GmbH have made it their mission to make your business more sustainable and digital. We help you through your digital transformation. With around 400 colleagues working at several locations in Germany and throughout Europe, we provide innovative IT solutions.

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