15. June 2023

Supervisory Board appoints Dr Michael Pesch as Chairman of the Executive Board for another 5 years

Seven Principles starts profitably into 2023

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The Supervisory Board of SEVEN PRINCIPLES AG (7P), a German IT consulting and service company with a focus on the digitalisation of business processes, ap-pointed Dr Michael Pesch (59) as Chairman of the Executive Board for a further five years at its meeting today.

Prof. Hans Albert Aukes, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of SEVEN PRINCIP-LES AG explains: “After the successful development of the company in the past years, I am looking forward personally as well as on behalf of the entire Supervisory Board to the long-term continuation of the cooperation”. Dr Pesch expresses his sincere thanks for the continued confidence of the Supervi-sory Board: “I look forward to developing and aligning the company for the future after the successful consolidation of 2019 to 2022 against the backdrop of once again changing market conditions.

Seven Principles has again started the new year 2023 profitably after the successful financial year 2022. According to the unaudited quarterly results, a consolidated turnover of about EUR 22.1 million (previous year: approx. EUR 23.4 million) and an EBIT of about TEUR 800 (previous year: approx. EUR 2.1 million) were achieved. Against the backdrop of the macroeconomic situation, the economic recovery that has been underway since the 2nd World War continues. The challenges observed in the first half of 2022, with recessionary trends in the portfolio business and inflation-related cost pressure, continued in the first quarter of the new year. Seven Principles is currently sticking to its forecast for the year despite this develo-pment.

Enabling Your Digital Business: For SEVEN PRINCIPLES AG, headquartered in Cologne, this means standing by your side and realising your digital business models. Our three subsidiaries, Seven Principles Solutions & Consulting GmbH, Seven Principles Mobility GmbH and intomarkets GmbH have made it their mission to make your business more sustainable and digital. We help you through your digital transformation. With around 400 colleagues working at several locations in Germany and throughout Europe, we provide innovative IT solutions.

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